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Music Production

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At RMR Productions, we work closely with vocalists, songwriters and hip hop/rap artists who want a quality service to showcase their talents. We offer a full production service including vocal recording, vocal engineering and composition of backing tracks. Our team of producers are skilled arrangers, composers and songwriters who will provide the best approach in mentoring artists to their desired needs for all requested projects.

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Featured Artists


At RMR, we care about client satisfactory and are committed to delivering your ideas in the best possible way. We make it our responsibility to ensure that your artistry and creativity is getting the credit and exposure it deserves.


RMR and their involvement played a huge role in producing a cohesive project vision from; co-writing, co-producing, recording, mixing and mastering to album art design, branding and marketing.

JSPA - Season 2

This album is a compilation of songs that use instrumentals/beats produced by various producers. RMR is responsible for all the vocal engineering work (producing, recording, editing, tuning, mixing) , as well as mixing and mastering of the whole album.

ZUHAIR - Franklin Road

The RMR team was given a task to ensure that the flow and quality of the whole project was consistent from the first track to the last. This tape was mixed and mastered by the RMR team including vocal engineering.


Covers Collection


These albums are a compilation of our studio work over the years . Although we have developed our own unique sound, we are willing to work with a variety of artists to help expand our skill set. This collection of songs show our versatility in tackling different approach to music styles.

Download Volume 1

  1. Earned It - JKP
  2. The Hills - JKP (ft Raina Gabriel)
  3. Jealous - JKP & Kiarra Khia
  4. Omen - Josh Diaz
  5. Trust Issues - JKP (ft. Vince Valentino)
  6. Sugar - Justin Abella
  7. Best Mistake - Kiarra Khia
  8. Vixen - Kiarra Khia
  9. How Deep is Your Love - Mary Ann Van Der Horst
  10. Touch - Raina Gabriel
  11. 1Do it Again - Raina Gabriel (ft. JKP)
  12. Love Me Like You Do - Czarina
  13. Love Me Harder - JKP (ft. Vince Valentino)
  14. Skyfall - Czarina (ft. NeeQ)

Download Volume 2

  1. Pillow Talk - JKP
  2. Weak - TRQS
  3. One Call Away - Mary Ann Van Der Horst
  4. Work - Raina Gabriel
  5. Family Affair - TRQS
  6. Mark My Words - TRQS
  7. Hotline Bling - JKP
  8. Thong Song - TRQS
  9. Love Yourself - Raina Gabriel
  10. Hands to Myself - Raina Gabriel
  11. Pony - TRQS
  12. Oops I Did it Again - TRQS
  13. Sorry - JKP
  14. Want to Want Me - Mary Ann Van Der Horst 
  15. Into You - Raina Gabriel
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Volume 3

Coming Soon.